Online Training Videos

Master Class in NABH Implementation

Session: 1, Introduction to NABH Standards and Accreditation Overview

Session: 2, Access Assessment and Continuity of Care (AAC)

Session: 3, Care of Patients (COP) Part 1.

Session: 4, Care of Patients (COP) Part 2.

Session: 5, Management of Medication (MOM)

Session: 6, Patients Rights and Education (PRE) and Responsibilities of Management (ROM)

Session: 7, Hospital Infection Control (HIC)

Session: 8, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (PSQ)

Session: 9, Facility Management and Safety (FMS)

Session: 10, Human Resource Management (HRM)

Session: 11, Information Management System (IMS)

Session: 12, Monitoring Implementation at the Hospital