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Dental Clinics

Dentistry is a very significantly large and growing industry in India with high level of competition too due to increasing dentist/population ratios and an all round need for improved dental health.

Dental Clinics not only treats patients but also addresses concerns such as customer satisfaction, paperwork processing, patient scheduling, hiring, retaining and compensating the Staff etc. To retain existing patients and generate new patients, every dental setup needs to get the most coveted and highest accreditation in the country for dental standards, which is the NABH for dental clinics. NABH accreditation is also a good source of generating unique footfalls as it can be used as a bandwagon to attract patients.

NABH Accreditation for Dental Clinics
NABH Standards for Dental Hospitals
NABH Certification for Dental Hospitals

Quality aspects in a Dental Clinic would include

  • Providing the appropriate clinical services based on the diagnosis,
  • Providing preventive and restorative care appropriate to the patient's requirement.
  • Becoming Patient-centric, involving them in care plan generation and decision making.
  • Ensuring the use of right materials like bonding agents and composite materials.
  • Maintaining emergency kits including oxygen cylinders, monitoring expiry dates
  • Fire drills and medical emergency drills - needed for accreditation.
  • Proper maintenance of fire extinguishers, ensuring their readiness
  • Infection Control - Post Treatment Infection Tracking Policy: Example - all oral surgery, endodontic and periodontal surgery procedures to be followed up with a phone call to the patient with-in 3 days. If problems are noted, the dentist will take appropriate measures to resolve the situation.
  • Licenses and certifications.
  • Nitrous oxide/oxygen based sedation monitoring - if applicable
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Sterilizer monitoring.
  • Emergency management and First Aid.

Why NABH for Dental Clinics?

  • To Create and sustain a culture of quality, accountability and patient safety.
  • Proper management of Dental materials, medications and equipment.
  • To become Patient-Centric and Employee friendly.
  • Proper Calibration & Maintenance of Equipment.
  • Avoiding Adverse events in the clinical setup.
  • Transparency in billing.
  • A Proper Feedback system is maintained.
  • Following policies and protocols as per National/International Guidelines.
  • NABH will be mandatory in future for getting government empanelment (ECHS & CGHS), insurance cashless & reimbursements.
  • Medical Tourism

Dental Clinics starting from one dental chair to a big Medical college with Inpatient facilities can go for the NABH Accreditation, to establish a documented and essential Quality Management System with protocols for most of the clinical and administrative areas.

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