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Difference between Tele Consultation Process and E-OPD Virtual Clinics

Tele Consultation Process
Patient registers and searches for doctor using disease symptoms, from the comfort of home and Fixes appointment. Patient connects to doctor via video and audio platform.

    Unified Surveillance Platform Software (USP)
  • >> Connect from Home through Mobile / Laptop
  • >> Appointment Reschedule / Cancel Policies
  • >> Digital Prescription
  • >> Patient Data Privacy
  • >> Increased Operational Efficiency

Tele Health for Hospitals

E-OPD Virtual Clinics
A powerful way to provide Primary & Secondary Healthcare servives using latest telemetry devices for instant test results.

    Unified Surveillance Platform Software (USP)
  • >> Telemetric devices integration: Vitals, Stethoscope, Otoscope, BCA, ECG, Spirometer etc
  • >> 72 instant tests using telemetric devices
  • >> Digital Prescription
  • >> Diagnostic Centers Integration
  • >> SNOMED CT (Systematized Medical Nomenclature for Medicine - Clinical Terminology) Integration

Smart Virtual Clinics
Telemedicine and Online OPD Solution
Smart E-Healthcare Services

Double Headed E-OPD Kiosk
Smart e-Open Patient Department technology allows people in rural areas to receive health care. It includes a biochemistry analyzer for diagnostic tests. Patients can consult doctors using this kiosk, and they will be examined by the doctor. If the doctor prescribes any tests, they can perform the tests on the spot and receive the results.

GPS Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Smart E-OPD for Hospitals, Contact Us

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Case Studies

Case Study 1: Smart E-OPD

    Problem Faced
  • This is limited access to health care facilities i.e. clinics and hospitals are far due to which examining physiological health issues in remote locations is a challenge.
  • This leads to low quality of care, lack of awareness, poor accountability and limited access to the healthcare facilities.

    Solution Offered
  • Using our Smart E-OPD application, introduced Hub-and-Spoke Model.
  • Doctors connect to Virtual Clinic's via Hub.

    The Benefits
  • With E-OPD, Our clients are successful in reaching remote locations.
  • Consultation count has drastically increased, improving doctor's utilization of time.
  • Able to digitize patient health records for future analysis.

Case Study 2: Kiosk Solution

  • Lack of infrastructure, transportation & medical facility in the rural areas for diagnostic facilities results in low reach. There is shortage of skilled human resource - doctors and medical practioners.
  • There is a lack of well-functioning, licensed laboratory services; the ones present are marred with shortages of pathologists, technicians, biochemists, and other staff.

  • Using this application, Implemented physical health kiosk
  • Integrated Telemetric devices like BCA, spirometer etc. giving instant medical test results.
  • Doctors connects to Virtual Clinic's centers (Kiosk enabled) and refer tests to patients.

  • Examining physiological vital signs in remote locations in an optimized and cost effective way.
  • By using telemetric devices, 72 instant medical tests can be performed.