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What does this App do Keeps track for you, of your Hospital's:
  •  Accreditation / Certification Status
          Renewal & Expiry Dates, When to send the Application etc

  •  Legal & Statutory Requirements to be met
          PCB, BMW, Fire, Clinical Establishment Act

  •  Equipment Calibrations, AMCs, MOU Renewals

  •  Committee Meetings to be held
          Leadership, Quality, Safety, Infection Control, Ethics, Medical Record,
          Pharmaco Therapeutic, Code Blue Committees, Blood Transfusion, etc.

  •  Internal Audit Schedules
          With reminders to Auditors and Auditees

  •  Mock Drills to be conducted
          Fire, Code Blue & Others
What else does the Tracker do for you Keeps you always up-to-date on:
  •  Revision in the Standards

  •  Changes in the Assessment / Accreditation Process

  •  Notifications from NABH that are relevant to Hospital - Eye, Dental, Day Care, Allopathic Clinic, Ayurveda etc

  •  News you can use, Updates and Events from the field of Quality, from around the World
How is all this done Very simple really:

 Download the App and Register. Our Support Staff will guide you on uploading all Compliances to be tracked and then just leave it to us.

 The NABH Compliance Tracker gets to work 24/7, by monitoring and reminding you, at the right times, till you comply.