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Smart Ambulance System Overview

    Problem Statements:
  • >> Longer TAT (Turnaround time) for ambulances resulting in loss of golden hour.
  • >> No live tracking & mobile clinical solutions with audio / video capability to track patient health through the journey.
  • >> Overburdened Trauma Specialists.

    E-Ambulance Solutions:
  • >> E-Health Clinical Solution with effective Video/Audio Platform.
  • >> Clouds enable solution with integrated telemetric.
  • >> Enable with 5G Network Solution.

Smart Ambulance Solutions India

  • 1. Tracking System - Mobile Clinical Treatment Equipped Ambulance reaches the incident site by centralized tracking system in the golden hour.
  • 2. Audio/Video Platform - Equipped with Camera, assistant can show the patient's live conditions to the Trauma Specialist.
  • 3. Virtual Clinic Connected Tech - Live clinical information feed of patient and audio/video status transmitted in real time to trauma specialist.
  • 4. Telemetric Devices - Assessment of the patient's condition using integrated telemetric devices on the go and the treatment can start.
  • 5. Reach the Hospital - Lower TAT (Turnaround time) for Ambulance, treatment preparations devices help improve efficiency of the Trauma specialist.
E Ambulance Solutions India


Ambulance Fleet Management and Asset Tracking

Our Intelligent Fleet Operations Management presents a comprehensive solution for complete administrative management of Ambulance Fleet through Telemetry, Connectivity, and Visibility & Control of any moving asset with an integrated management platform transforming the fleets to be Smart, Efficient and Safe.

Ambulance Management System Project

  • 1. Track & Trace - Vehicle tracking, geo fencing, safety alerts, route management, analytics and reporting.
  • 2. Telematics - Advanced tracking capabilities, Sensors (Fuel/Assets/Cold Chain), EV battery management and App based ignition and immobilization.
  • 3. Video Based Telematics - Video based Track and Trace: 2 Way video & voice, VA based alerts (FR, Fatigue, distraction), Alerts Reports.
  • 4. IoT Platform & Application - Digital Onboarding, Custom Apps, Web based dashboard, Analytics, E-KYC etc.

Ambulance Tracking Command Centre

  • >>Comprehensive management of Ambulance Fleet through Telemetry, Connectivity, Visibility & Control with an integrated management platform.
  • >> Call center agent can connect and monitor to track the ambulance via audio/video.
  • >> Remotely control vehicle through video & IoT based telematics.
  • >> Map the source and destination locations.
  • >> 2-way communication with driver/paramedic to provide guidance & support.
  • >> Hospital alerts when ambulance reaches near the hospital. The same can be extended to drop & pickup locations.

GPS Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Smart Ambulance Clinical Solution

  • >>Cloud Enabled solution with integrated telemetric devices capturing vital information throughout the journey of the patient from site to the hospital.
  • >> Clinical & Medication alerts along with Risk condition.
  • >> SMS alerts from admission to discharge to patient updates.
  • >> Provision to video chat with attending physician and relatives.
  • >> Access to individual approved Patient Data.
  • >> Various Devices integrated like Syringe Pump, Bed side monitor, CC TV Integration, Video platform, Stethoscope integration.

Smart Ambulance System

E-Ambulance Clinical Command Centre

  • >>Doctor's Command Center for managing patient in the e-Ambulance undergoing critical care.
  • >>3 Panel System for patient viewing, vitals and data entry at the command center.
  • >>Live vital parameters monitoring.
  • >>Patient viewing & video/chat interactions through 2-way Audio/Video capabilities.

Smart Ambulance System

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