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E-ICU Solution

  • >> Remote connection via video of patient and biomedical devices.
  • >> Quick access to data/records enchances risk predication checks and provides faster decision support.
  • >> Real time-based system for monitoring ICU patient.
  • >> Reduces chances of human errors significantly.
  • >> Process requires 24*7 continuous monitoring for effective health support.
  • >> Multi-patient support / monitoring simultaneously by single doctor.
  • >> Access to real time values through telemetric devices.
  • >> Specialists get more time for critical observations in ICU. Thus, facilitate effective treatment.

Electronic ICU Nursing

E-ICU High Level Architecture

Intelligent ICU for Autonomous Patient Monitoring

E-ICU Case Study

  • Hospitals most significant challenge centered on testing and caring for patients with known or suspected COVID-19 and keeping staff safe
  • Hospitals also reported substantial challenges maintaining and expanding their facilities capacity to treat patients with Covid-19
  • Implemented Sensors Algorithm
  • Integrated telemetric devices to scan the patient body
  • Implemented solution for Patient Health alerts
  • Real time-based system for monitoring ICU Patient
  • Successfully implemented e-ICU Solution for Covid-19 care Patients
  • Doctor able to monitor the Patients remotely
  • The process requires a 24*7 continuous monitoring for an effective health support
  • Doctor able to provide right treatment / medication

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